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Veteran Housing

California Housing and Lending also serves as a leading VA professional establishment providing financing and housing specific to our Veterans needs throughout the country with an emphasis in San Diego County. As our military ensures our safety, we ensure theirs in the real estate world.

By consistently working closely with the military and many years of hands on experience, we have developed a reputation for meeting our Veterans wants and needs. As a designated VAprofessional institution, our thorough knowledge of the complex nature of VA transactions makes us the reliablego-to brokerage for Veterans looking to buy or sell a home.

Learning the intricacies of financial analysis, investment management, and economic trends from other top real estate and mortgage producers in the world, California Housing and Lending understands that a home purchase may be the single most important investment a family may ever make. We continually practice empathy, knowledge, and wherewithal to put our clients in the best position to make smart investments and propel them into future financial stability.

Our San Diego Va Homes subdivision leads as a primary source in the San Diego area and has established our reputation for providing reliable information to our service members about current housing and finance trends in today’s market place.

For more information please visit our VA subdivision website: